Coil Design Information

The coil design of Wolf River Coils LLC differs from other coil designs!

We groove our coil specifically for proper spacing and placement of our high quality heavy duty stainless steel wire.

We shave 1/64ths off the core measured by using a caliper.

We tested numerous cutting depths until we found the perfect match. Wolf River Coils LLC have the optimal spacing needed for wire placement without compromising the PVC strength for mounting antenna whips up to 102". In factory testing our grooved cores were tested against non grooved cores for strength and integrity. Both cores withstood this testing equally

We use high quality stainless steel in manufacturing our coil. Stainless resist corrosion, just look at our coil after months of Wisconsin weather mounted on our Jeep.

Corrosion has a negative affect on your antennas performance and SWR.

Wolf River Coils LLC tuning couplers are made using a heavy gauge stainless steel pick up clip. The clip and coupler are drilled and tapped to allow a secure bonding of the clip to the coupler and shortening wire using a stainless steel screw.  The stainless steel clip against the stainless steel coil wire helps reduce corrosion between metals, thus a lower stable SWR. A nylon set bolt is added on our mobile coils to avoid any accidental changes of the tuning coupler once adjusted.


Lastly, we use high grade stainless steel wire in our coils. At the HF frequencies using stainless verses other materials, like copper, has a nominal affect. The advantage using stainless is that it is corrosive resistant which provides maximum signal at your antenna. Stainless steel has the properties of being able to form a protective layer once scratched. Sliding a tuning coupler up and down on other materials will slowly erode their protective coating. This can cause corrosion leading to arcing or burn outs. 

Wolf River Coils LLC are easily maintained by simply wiping the coil with a dry cloth to get rid of any of the bugs or other road debris you’ll collect. Your coil will look shinny and new for years to come.