Wolf River Coils LLC has received many complements about our coils performance. We have attached some testimonials and pictures we have been allowed to post from some of our satisfied customers. If you buy one of our many products please send us updates of how you use your coil and pictures of your installation.

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http://www.eham.net/reviews/review/11840 Portable Vertical




NOTE: We have been told that KC9VYX has made over 2900 contacts in 1 year using only The Silver Bullet 1000 and a 102 inch whip in his yard.


KC9VYX with a Silver Bullet 1000



The coils worked fine. I have use them with 17 foot telescoping whips (MFJ-1979), with 66 inch whips, 48 inch whips and 16 feet of wire. It takes just a little while to get the swr down by getting to the right location on the coils. The only thing I would change about the coils is the amount of sound they make when adjusting them for another band. I am trying to work Stealth and don’t want to neighbors or landlord to hear what I am up too. Is there a way to deaden the loudness of the clicks? And I find going up the coil is easier than moving the contact part down the coil. But I find that it is easier going up and down when the hand is pushing in the direction one wants to go. I do wish that the moving up and down was smoother and quieter. But regardless, I love the coils!!! They are a work of art too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming up with the coils. I find they are bigger, sturdier than what came with my Buddipole and Buddistick.

Oh, my first try, first contact with the large coil, was with a station in Czeck Republic!!! You can’t beat that from a bedroom window!!!

Attached are three photos of how I use the coils. Feel Free to post them on your website under Testimonials.  I will probably purchase more coils as I love having backup equipment for most of the things I have.


Jose B Rivera


My SB mini is working great on my mobile setup. I know it's not the best being that it's a mag mount, but I've made alot of contacts on 17, 20, and 40 meters with this so far. See attached photos. Thanks guys.

73...N8LTD Bill


Hello Gary. Mark W7MCP here. Not emailing with any questions or problems. Just praise of a great product. With some experimenting with your antenna I feel reasonably confident I have it figured out now. I put the Mosley Beam and OCF dipole out of commission and strictly used the vertical to operate the last few weeks. What an amazing antenna! I worked our 7QP contest yesterday with only your vertical on 15-80 and ended up with 263 contacts . Not going to win the contest for sure but I donít care about that anyways. My intention for purchasing your vertical was for this summers camping and most especially field day. With results like yesterday I have high hopes for fun this summer. Addition of 3 radials helped it out very nicely also. Thanks for the great antenna.


Thanks for your suggestions I will try a few things out at the weekend when I have more time... since my last email i had a chance to try the coil out on the air from my car ... I drove down to the local harbor this afternoon and parked on the jetty, put the telescopic whip whip out to its full 17ft and adjusted the silver bullet mini for best swr on 7.160 which was about 1.3 or so... I cranked up the TS480HX to 150w and put out a call, wow a flood of Europeans called me back and i actually generated a pile up being that a mobile on 40m from Ireland is quite rare... all reports were outstanding, nothing under an 8 and mostly 9+10s into the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Holland, Spain and Finland... so happy days the silver bullet mini has gotten me onto 40m mobile for the first time and with better than expected results... several hams asked what i was using so i gave your coil some flowers hi... hope it generates some business for you!!

All the best

Dave  EI2HPB

Yes, indeed.  I wanted to get that dipole up on the house, instead of letting it sit passively in the garage awaiting the next portable ham trip.  I bought the necessary little parts today at the ham swap meet, and with the weather nice outdoors I installed it on the roof.  This is tuned for 75 meters, as I have an Alpha Delta 40-10 meter dipole in my attic.  These two antennas feed into my second station, a Kenwood TS-590S in my basement.

So for now  the "Wolf River Dipole has landed!"


Larry WB9KMW

Our club started a 50-50 raffle last month, and I was the lucky winner.  Thanks to a generous special offer by Gary KB9AIT and Terry N9AOT, owners of Wolf River Coils LLC, I opted for their gift certificate.  That was perfect, because I had an upcoming use at the Gardner Dam Boy Scout Camporee which was held this weekend.  FCARC member Lou Maylander KC9YYA and I drove 90 miles north and set up an HF station. 

This is the first time I used my new 18' mini-tower and a Wolf River dipole.  I used the gift certificate, plus purchased another coil and two 102" whip antennas when I visited Gary a couple weeks ago. 

This setup worked exceptionally well with Lou's Kenwood transceiver.  My first contact was on the YL System net with a friend, Ron VE9GU from New Brunswick, Canada.  Ron hunts for new US counties, so I was able to give him Langlade county.  And he gave me a solid 59 signal report with a signal off the end of the Wolf River dipole. 

I love it!  Thanks guys.

If you want to read a little more about my 'mini-tower to go' please visit my ham radio web site at www.WB9KMW.com  Click on the Rigs section and scroll about half-way down for more pictures and commentary.


Larry WB9KMW

Dear wolfrivercoilsllc,

Hi I just wanted to thank you for the great service I received from you regarding the Wolfriver coil it arrived very quickly and was a no hassle transaction so congratulations I am not always easy to please and often quick to criticize so I thought praise was due for your quick email replies and excellent service not to mention the great item at a very fair price so good luck with your sales and thanks again for the excellent service.

Ian 2E1RDX

I ordered your silver bullet mini and tried it out and works very well.  If I knew it worked that well, I would have ordered the combo. 

You can check out my installation for the mini on my website  www.kalsaerialphotography.com.  Tnx  Kal   VE7WM.


3 feet 3/4 inch copper tubing, Wolf River Coil Silver Bullet Mini, 1 foot 3/4 inch copper tubing and DX Engineering Capacity Hat


Just for general interest, here are a couple of photos I didn't throw online showing power and swr.  10 watts in and just over 300 watts out on 40 meters into the mini.  Tnx  Kal   VE7WM.

Thank you for the quick shipment. I am very pleased with your product so far. Well made, sturdy, and a bargain compared to several others. I love the stainless steel. This should work well for me.

Thanks to VK4IC in Australia  for using the MFJ-1979. I had planned on using this antenna, but was not sure if it would mate up well with this coil. Great to see the posting with this match up. I'll set the 1000 and MJF-1979 in the back yard, and the mini with a whip on my truck.

Keep up the good work,

PS. I first found you in a search on eBay looking for an antenna.

Hello, Thank you for answering all my questions! Received your sb1000 coil yesterday and installed it immediately with a 102 inch whip! This was the easiest antenna system I have ever worked with!!!!!! It tuned just as you said and I was done tuning and on the the air on 40 meters in about 5 minutes with great signal reports from My FT100 with 100watts! I was using a 40 meter ham stick and I am going to try a 90 inch whip as you suggested in a couple of weeks I have several 102 inch whip that I will trim down! I have had several other hams in my area and in PA. ask about this coil so I have sent them the info and your home page URL Thanks for the fast shipping and I may buy another one soon for my other Vehicle!
Thanks Lee
(KF8GC) new call WW8LB

Here are some pictures of the mini variable tune antenna coil installed on my 2001 Chevy Tracker. The whip is 71 inches long and is used on 10 thru 40 meters. I use the 1000 model on 10 thru 80 meters and both work great. Thanks for a great product. 73's Ken Moyer  

Hey! I got my coils today, thank you!

My wife had been hiding them for me so I could open them on my Birthday!

They work great, SWR of 1.5:1 at the top of our 80m band with the short Buddipole whips! That will do fine for me until my long whips and versa-tee get released from customs. I think the long whips will help get the resonance down in the 3.750 range at least. Now to try 60m for the first time!

Really great coils guys, I'm very impressed!

VK4IC in Australia

Looks much better using the MFJ-1979 16.4' telescopic whips, (just like the "Big Ear").

The long whips mean only a small inductance is required to tune the lower end of 40m. Actually, with the Wolf River Silver Bullet Mini's set to maximum inductance, it will tune down to 3.550 MHz as well. Remove the coils and it is a half wave dipole on 20m. Further shortening the telescopic whips will allow tuning on each band, all the way to 6m. The analyzer makes these adjustments fairly quick.

Best regards, David - vk4ice

Dear wolfrivercoilsllc,

I bought one of these from you, I modified it a bit to make it go mobile on my HONDA-CRV. With a 7 ft. whip and using a YAESU FT-817, I can get full range of 10 ~ 40 mtrs. People are really impressed.

I'd like to send you some photos that you can use. Hank VA7HV in Victoria BC Canada.