HV Wire Antenna

We put together our Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet coil along with 20 feet of high quality antenna wire to create a shorter antenna capable of tuning the amateur frequencies from 3.5 MHz to 10.2 MHz with a SWR of 1.4 or less without the need of an antenna tuner.

Use this antenna for Field Day, QSO Parties, portable set up, camping, attic, stealth or when you need an additional 30 meter through 80 meter antenna with a small footprint. This is the perfect antenna for Short Wave Listening!

It may be used at power levels up to 100 Watts SSB, 50 Watts CW and 20 Watts with digital modes.

It is made of high quality stainless steel wire wound on a 1.25 inch Schedule 40 PVC core. The core is machine grooved for proper wire placement. This groove also secures the wire in place when sliding the tuning coupler up and down the coil core.

The tuning coupler is made of Schedule 40 PVC with a stainless steel tab. All hardware, nuts, bolts, and washers are also stainless steel to reduce corrosion and maintain an attractive appearance.

Simply mount your wire on a tree branch or any other elevated structure. Attach the coaxial braid to the ground side of the coil mount, the coax center conductor to coil side, secure the coil base and you're ready to transmit. A counter poise ground may be needed.

For portable operation you can easily mount the coil to a ground rod by tapping a 3/16 th hole into the ground rod and mounting the ground side of the coil base. This gives you a strong sturdy support as well as good grounding for your antenna.

The antenna can be mounted horizontally or vertically. You can also mount two HV Wire Antennas back to back for a short dipole under 40 feet in length.

Tune your antenna by simply listening for maximum noise by sliding the tuning coupler up and down on the coil core. Or, an SWR meter can be used to achieve lowest SWR on the amateur band you are operating on.

Obviously we're not going to claim that our shortened antenna will perform as well as a full length dipole or long-wire antenna, but if you live in an area with antenna restrictions or small city lot, need to set up an antenna while camping or just need a second antenna capable of operating on lower frequencies, then the Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet HV Wire Antenna is for you.

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