FAQ Answers

If I buy a TIA or Mini TIA, can I replace the Mini Pod with the Mega Pod?

Yes for an additional $20. At this time you will need to contact us via email or text so we can create a PayPal invoice for a TIA or Mini TIA with a Mega Pod.

Do you ship outside the US and what is the cost?

Yes, we sell and ship outside the US. The cost to ship varies with each country so please email or text us for a shipping quote.

What are the dimensions of the SB1000 & Mini?

The SB1000 is 16" long with an inductance of 0-83 µH. The Mini is 10" long with inductance of 0-34 µH.

What length whip do I need for the SB1000 & Mini?

With a whip of 102" the SB1000 will tune 80-12 meters. If you use a shorter whip, eg, 75", you can tune 60-10 meters, and some of 75 meters. With both coils, you can use a whip as short as 45".

How long is the portable vertical?

It is 13' long and will tune 80-10 meters. When you purchase a 5' extension pipe, you can make an even better performing antenna for 80 & 40 meters. This is a special order of $20 for each pipe.

How do you put coax on the SB1000 & Mini?

You need a mount so you can attach the coil and the coax. For example, a CB mount or a magnet mount for a car.

How do you attach coax to the Saber & portable vertical?

You need to make a pigtail on one end of your coax. Here is a video demonstration.

I can't tune the coil anywhere. Moving the collar up or down doesn't change the SWR.

Check the coax and the mount for inadvertent grounding. Most of the time it is a problem with the coax or the grounding.

Do I need radials on the Saber, vertical, TIA & SOTA Special antennas for non-car-mounted installations?

Yes. We supply three 32' radials with the TIA & SOTA Special. With the Saber and vertical, three 32' radials at a minimum are needed. More is better.

Can I mount a Wolf River Coil on the railing of my porch?

Yes, IF you can string out sufficient ground plane radials. Otherwise, consider using our Otophone dipole.

What SWR might I expect?

If you have a good ground plane, SWR should be under 1.5:1 on any band, and often much better.

Does rain or snow affect the coil?

Rain and snow hame some effect but it is minimal as long as water doesn't pool around the coil.

What is the difference between the TIA, TIA Mini & SOTA Special?

The TIA has a SB1000 coil and will tune 80-10 meters. The TIA Mini has a Mini coil and will tune 40-10 meters. The SOTA Special has a Mini coil and 66" whip for ease of backpacking. It tunes 40-10 meters with slightly less performance.

I see you have a dual collar system for the SB1000 and Mini. Can you add it to the portable vertical?

No, but we are researching a solution.

Do you have a coil for 160 meters?

Not at present, but it is in our plans for future development.

What power will your coils support?

100 Watts SSB, 50 Watts CW and 20 Watts digital.

What is the Q of your coils?

Q is a measure of bandwidth at the 2.0:1 SWR edges from resonance center.

For example, Q on 20 meters for a car-mounted SB1000 using a 102" CB whip is 12.0, or 1,190 kHz. Q on 40 meters is 31.3, or 230 kHz.