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Stuart KB1HQS Review of the Wolf River Coil Antennas

Mayan Special Events

Greetings and congratulations for an excellent antenna. My name is Rafael XE3VE from the city of Merida, Yucatan. I had the opportunity to buy it at Hamcation in Orlando in February.

We have used it in two events where it worked wonderfully. One event was called the Mayan equinox, with special call sign 6E3MAYA, in the archaeological zone of Xcoch, Yucatan. The other was the Mayan rally, with special call sign 6E3RALLY, in the city of Merida, Yucatan.

Again, I congratulate you for such a good antenna.

1/5th Watt Heard Around the World

Wolf River coils have been scientifically studied through more than 100 WSPR studies, all relative to a reference antenna for controlled comparisons. Research has been done in various installation environments and antenna configurations, including some against competitor's products, to evalute for propagation effectiveness. Wolf River Coils perform quite well. Here is one example of a 24-hour period with stations around the world hearing a 200 milliwatt signal from a WSPRLite transmitter.

All Smiles

Mike KC9VYX has good reason to be smiling. He just worked his 10,000th contact with his Wolf River Silver Bullet 1000 coil. Mike is also pleased to be a DXCC member with the help of this antenna.